-9% Dryflow® Washroom Air & Surface Steriliser (20m2)

This low energy vertical mounted unit removes and eliminates odours, virus, bacteria, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), providing clean, fresh, sanitised air in a washroom.

  • Kills up to 98.11% of odour causing bacteria and viruses in air and on surfaces 24/7, including Clostridium Difficile, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, MRSA, and E coli.
  • Chemical free and no filters, providing an easy, environmentally friendly option for odour removal
  • Continuously makes your washroom smell freshly cleaned
  • 3 versions depending on size of area IFSWT10 (10m2), IFSWT30 (20m2), IFSWT30 (30m2)
  • Low energy and silent operation – 9W rated power and no fan
  • Ideal for use in washrooms or other transient areas to improve hygiene
  • Cover is made of strong Polycarbonate in a titanium finish.

Guide to which unit is required

  • IFSWT30 – Low/medium traffic up to 30 sq metres
  • IFSWT20 – Low/medium traffic up to 20 sq metres
  • IFSWT10 – Low traffic up to 10 sq metres

How it works

Contaminated air is drawn through the unit achieving optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber. Processed air leaves the unit and becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Please contact us for more in depth scientific information and case studies relating to this product.

Standard cleaning and disinfecting routines can only provide a temporary solution as surfaces begin to be recontaminated from the air once cleaning has finished. Many places still use fragrances which only mask odours but do not target the source.

The Dryflow Air & Surface Steriliser users a unique combination of 5 technologies, using disinfectant substances which already exist in nature.

Inside the unit:

Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and mould) by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities.

PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) - UV reacts with the Catalyst (Ti02) to form highly reactive but short-lived oxidising Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This interaction creates and breaks down Oxygen molecules transforming them into a highly reactive states of Ozone and Superoxide Ions which leave the unit as “Plasma Quatro”.

Outside the unit:

The negatively charged Superoxide Ions charge airborne contaminates causing them to cluster together and fall from the air as they become too heavy, aiding all other cleaning processes. This can remove airborne particulates down to 0.0001 micron.

Targeted Ozone produced via the specialist lamp gets the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of microorganisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell.


Only low levels of ozone are produced (in line with the European biocide directive). The Ozone levels used are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations in the world.

The design ensures UV light cannot escape the unit from any angle meaning it is completely safe.

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Dryflow® Washroom Air & Surface Steriliser (20m2)

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