Soap / Sanitiser Disp.

Soap / Sanitiser Disp.

We have a large range of wall mounted refillable soap dispensers especially designed for commercial use. Good hand washing practice is the most important way of protecting oursleves and others against the transmission of infectious diseases. 

We have foaming soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers and liquid soap dispensers available in a variety of finishes including white, black stainless steel and polished chrome.

All dispensers suitable for use with alcohol based products are clearly marked. 

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2 x 5Ltr Alcohol Hand Gel 75% Alcohol Content

Pack of 2 (2 x 5ltr containers; 10L total)Kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses on hands75% alcohol cont..


5 Ltr Liquid Sanitiser 70% Alcohol - 2 Pack

This is compatible with product code IFS72SPR Automatic Spray Soap dispensers. Sold as 2 x 5 Litre p..


5L Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser HDUK074101

5ltr odourless hand sanitiser, alcohol free product. The product can be used as an alternative to al..


Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser 500ml (Box 24)

Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle with 60% alcohol for sanitising the hands. Made in EU.&..

£95.76 £34.99

Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle (Box of 6)

Alcohol GelHand Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle with 60% alcohol for sanitising the hands.Made in EU.&nb..

£26.99 £8.99

Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser Station with Mist/Spray

This Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Station Designed for use with a bulk refillable liquid alcohol sanitser ..

£89.95 £49.99

Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap 4 x 5 Litres

A pack of 4 x 5 Litre Anti-bacterial Hand Soaps For use in bulk refillable manual or automatic dispe..


Automatic Hand Gel Sanitiser Station HDUK72WSTAND

This automatic hand sanitiser station comes complete with the automatic Cleanflow 1.1L Auto Hand San..

£89.95 £59.99

Automatic Liquid Sanitiser Spray Dispenser

Dispenses a fine mist of Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser or Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser. Please see re..

£37.99 £29.99

Automatic LIQUID SPRAY Sanitiser Dispenser and 5Ltr LIQUID SPRAY Sanitiser Refill

This combo deal contains:1 x Automatic Liquid Sanitiser Spray Dispenser1 x 5 Ltr Liquid Sanitiser 70..

£55.49 £39.99

Cleanflow 1000ml Alcohol Gel Dispenser

European product on the shortest lead times possible due to huge global demand. The 1000ml Clea..

£19.95 £9.99

Drip Tray For Hand Sanitiser Dispensers / Soap Dispensers

Fix this solid stainless steel drip tray under any soap or hand sanitiser dispenserPrevents slipping..


Foam Soap Dispenser 900ml

An attractive, Europe made foam soap dispenser used throughout the world. Turns a foaming soap conce..

£17.99 £12.95

Free Standing Automatic Hand Sanitiser Gel Dispenser

These are essential for putting an alcohol gel hand sanitiser dispenser in any location. Buying a ..