Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitiser Stations

A hand sanitizer station that is free standing allows you to provide an alcohol gel or liquid dispenser anywhere. You can place them at door ways or communal areas without having to fix them to walls so they can literally be placed in the middle of a room.  They're also portable allowing the freedom to pick up and move to wherever  you want with ease. Our sanitiser stations are ideal to ensure good hand hygiene is observed as people enter facilities, therefore limiting the chances of infection spreading. Show that you care for your patrons and workers by installing at all entrance ways. We have a Alcohol mist or gel dispenser version.

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Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser 500ml (Box 24)

Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle with 60% alcohol for sanitising the hands. Made in EU.&..

£95.76 £34.99

Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle (Box of 6)

Alcohol GelHand Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle with 60% alcohol for sanitising the hands.Made in EU.&nb..

£26.99 £8.99

Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser Station with Mist/Spray

This Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Station Designed for use with a bulk refillable liquid alcohol sanitser ..

£89.95 £49.99

Automatic Hand Gel Sanitiser Station HDUK72WSTAND

This automatic hand sanitiser station comes complete with the automatic Cleanflow 1.1L Auto Hand San..

£89.95 £59.99

Drip Tray For Hand Sanitiser Dispensers / Soap Dispensers

Fix this solid stainless steel drip tray under any soap or hand sanitiser dispenserPrevents slipping..


Free Standing Automatic Hand Sanitiser Gel Dispenser

These are essential for putting an alcohol gel hand sanitiser dispenser in any location. Buying a ..


Sanitiser Station and a 5Ltr Alcohol GEL Refill

This combo deal contains:1 x Automatic Hand Gel Sanitiser Station HDUK72WSTAND1 x 5Ltr Alcohol Hand ..

£107.45 £68.99