Airforce Dryers

Airforce Dryers
The Airforce hand dryer is one of the best known ranges on the UK market. Manufactured in the US by World Dryer Corporation they are most often rented into the market and as such can be seen in 1000's of locations across the country from service stations to Universities. Like Dyson Airblades, they are known and are therefore a reference point for buyers. In this section you can find the different Airforce finishes and close alternatives.
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Ecoforce White Hand Dryer - EF03W

The Ecoforce hand dryer is attractive and extremely robust with a drying time of 8-10 seconds. It h..


Ecoforce Hand Dryer - EF03

The Ecoforce EF03 is a very close alternative to the Airforce hand dryer from Warner Howard. It has ..


Airforce Hand dryer BLACK - BC0325

The BC0325 Airforce hand dryer in BLACK has become a popular colour choice in recent years. The Airf..


Airforce Hand Dryer Brushed Satin - BC0327

The Warner Howard Airforce Hand Dryer BC0327 in brushed stainless steel is one of the best know..


Airforce hand dryer White BC0323

The BC0323 Airforce hand dryer is one of the best known hand dryers in the UK. The model is ove..