Lynne Goodman Bio

19/05/2014 0 Comment(s)

I began working part time for HandryersUK as the Marketing & PR Director last year and have since researched and written articles on the importance of hand washing, innovations in hospital hand hygiene, the debate between paper towels and hand dryers, and hygiene issues surrounding music festivals.

My work duties also include pricing and searching suppliers for  rental/ sale enquiries, amendments and additions to the web site, promoting HandryersUK through regular blogs and magazine articles, researching/ developing email templates and landing pages, and developing social media links/ influential contacts  connected to a yearly calendar of hygiene awareness days.

A  B.A. Honours graduate from LeedsUniversity, my career has included working as a P.A for a Retail Manager at B.P Oil Head Office  in London, before having a family, returning to West Yorkshire and gaining my P.G.C.E. Certificate. I began teaching at Middle School level  with a focus on teaching English as an additional language to Muslim pupils, then moved into Primary Schools and finally, until my retirement in  2012, into Special Education, with a focus on  adapting the mainstream curriculum to embrace a more pastoral, tactile and experiential style. In addition I was particularly interested in researching and resourcing whole school hygiene equipment / resources and updating care planning/ medical training for specific pupils.

My interests include rambling, swimming, drawing / painting and reading. I am keenly interested in a range of fitness activities attending weekly classes in Pilates, Aqua and Zumba. I volunteer as a Receptionist, one day a week, in a community centre and regularly visit the elderly in my local area. I have three grandchildren, two locally, and one in Jordan where my son is currently teaching English in a British International School. Having previously been interested in a career in Journalism, I am particularly enjoying researching important UK and Global health/ hygiene and environmental issues and adding my own thoughts and conclusions in final articles.