Dolphin dryers

Dolphin hand dryers are very commonly specified by architects in prestigious building projects. Dolphin are synonymous with the UK premium building and refurbishment sector and are gaining global recognition due to the large UK architectural practices specifying Dolphin products internationally. The Dolphin hand dryer range is split into standard and Velocity. The standard range includes conventional warm air, hand and face dryers like the BC230 and the BC2200 when a quieter hand dryer is needed. The Velocity range covers all the enhanced airspeed dryers including recessed, behind the mirror, blade, anti-ligature and standard wall mounted models.

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BC2012 Dolphin High Speed Velocity Hands In Hand Dryer

The BC2012 Dolphin High Speed Velocity Hands In Blade Hand Dryer is a dual blade hand dryer wit..


Dolphin BC2008 Velocity Mini Hand Dryer

The Dolphin BC2008 Velocity Mini Hand Dryer is the smallest unit within the 'Velocity' range. M..


Dolphin Velocity BC2003-BM Behind the mirror

The Dolphin Velocity BC2003-BM behind the mirror hand dryer is an increasingly popular cho..


Dolphin BC2001 Velocity Hand Dryer - Brushed Stainless Steel

The Dolphin BC2001 Velocity hand dryer in a brushed stainless steel finish is an extremely effective..