Hand Dryer Rental


What are the benefits?

Pay as you go! For as short or long as you like.

Rent any dryer you want 

No contract – We're the only place this is available

Low instalments – starting from £0.99 per week 

All units fully maintained throughout rental period 

Keep upfront costs down 

We can arrange fitting / full installation (extra) with our UK wide coverage

Write off cost as an expense 

Weekly Price Examples

Dyson Airblade™ V HU02

From £4.25 per week

Mitsubishi SMART

From £2.99 per week

Mediclinics Machflow

From £2.19 per week

Dryflow® BulletDri

From £1.59 per week

Turboforce Junior PLUS

From £0.99 per week


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What Our Customers Say


“We have been renting the pro 2 hand dryer for 2 years now, and are delighted with the level of service from Handryers UK”

Steven Porter (surrey)

“Our initial outlay was reduced significantly, which aided our cash flow – Handryers UK also provided fitting to our existing spur point”

Helen Moore (Derbyshire)