Hot Air Hand Dryers

Hot Air Hand Dryers

Most people assume that all hand dryers are hot air dryers. The reality is that many modern dryers purely work off high air speed rather than heat evaporation. Some customers enjoy the comfort of hot air hand dryers and therefore manufacturers have responded by trying to add heat without using too much power. Below is a list of hot air hand dryers or dryers with optional heat. You will notice that the G-Force eco and Mitsubishi SMART both operate at under 1 kw rated power with heated airflow.

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Dryflow Elite Mark II White

The attractive Dryflow® Elite MK II maintains the characteristics from the original model by being..


Dryflow Slimforce

This attractive unit provides a powerful airflow leaving no user disappointed with the drying effect..


Dryflow Turboforce Hand Dryer Brushed Stainless

The Dryflow Turboforce in Brushed Stainless Steel electric hand dryer is one of the UK's most popula..


Dryflow Viper

A great alternative to the well-known Dyson V providing 201MPH of bladed air through 2 angled ..


Dualflow M14ACS Silver Hand Dryer

The Dualflow M14ACS Silver Hand Dryer is a very attractive looking blade hand dryer which matc..


Excel Eco-Lite Hand Dryer

The Excel Eco-lite hand dryer has a high velocity vacuum motor which dries fast and thoroughly in ..


Mitsubishi Jet Towel SMART White - JT-S2AP-W-NE

The Mitsubishi SMART hand dryer (model JT-S2AP-W-NE) was introduced in 2016 and has gained consider..


Ecoforce Hand Dryer - EF03

The Ecoforce EF03 is a very close alternative to the Airforce hand dryer from Warner Howard. It h..

£173.00 £155.00

Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II Chrome

The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II in chrome combines effective 15-18 second dry times (half t..


Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Silver Heated - JT-SB216JSH2-S-NE

All the quality and performance you would expect from a global manufacturing leader including a rel..


Dryflow Ecoslim

Built for the environmentally conscious, this high speed yet super low energy hand dryer uses less p..


Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II White

The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II in white combines effective 15-18 second dry times (half the time o..