Budget Hand Dryers

Budget Hand Dryers

Cheap hand dryers does not mean poor quality. If your location isn't heavily used you can get an excellent hand dryer at a low price. We offer a wide range of low cost budget hand dryers, ideal for various public washroom environments. All models come with a minimum guarantee term of one year.

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Dryflow Slimforce

The Dryflow Slimforce is an attractive, slimline (10cm depth) automatic hand dryer ideal for offic..


Ecodri Multi-jet Brushed Satin

The Ecodri Multi-jet in a brushed satin finish is a curvaceous, compact and attractive hand dryer. R..


Ecodri Uni-blade White

The Uni-blade uses a long, single blade of air to dry the hands, similar to something like the Dys..


Ecodri Uni-jet White

The Ecodri Uni-jet is a familiar styled high velocity hand dryer. Feel your skin ripple as the super..


Excel Eco-Lite Hand Dryer

The Excel Eco-lite hand dryer has a high velocity vacuum motor which dries fast and thoroughly in 15..


Stream Dry UV White

An amazing special offer on the Stream Dry UV in a white finish. This stylish hand dryeris made in I..


Tiger Automatic Hand Dryer 1.5KW - White ABS Plastic

The Tiger automatic no touch hand dryer with ABS plastic cover, is ideal for a variety of applicatio..


Turboforce Junior PLUS

Buying one of the markets best-selling, budget priced dryers guarantees you have a reliable dryer wi..

£168.73 £117.30

Warner Howard SM48 hand dryer

We recommend the Warner Howard SM48 hand dryer for one location only, open plan nursery schools that..


Eco Dry High Speed Hand Dryer Brushed Steel

The Eco Dry high speed hand dryer dries at supersonic speeds compared with many similar looking drye..


Ecodri Uni-blade

The Uni-blade uses a long, single blade of air to dry the hands, similar to something like the D..


ATC Cheetah hand dryer

The ATC Cheetah hand dryer is a excellent, budget priced, high speed hand dryer.  You will be i..


Budget White Hand Dryer

The  Budget Hand Dryer is a low cost, robust dryer ideal for smaller executive washrooms, food ..